We hope The Opportunity Index for Northern Virginia will serve as a resource for representatives working in our local governments to assess the real, as opposed to perceived, needs in the region, helping identify where philanthropic resources can be invested to make the greatest impact.

Please use this website as a “report card” of how our region is doing across the 26 indicators provided.  You can compare multiple jurisdictions in Northern Virginia to see how one region compares to another, or you can break down the data by race, age and nativity to help identify particular areas or groups that may lag behind others and need additional support services.

The Community Foundation for Northern Virginia will be updating this data annually to track changes to the regional trends, and will use these findings to ensure that its discretionary grantmaking is most effective at creating a more equitable and inclusive community for us all.

We trust that the data offered here will inform and inspire you, lead to more meaningful dialogues among the philanthropic, public and private sectors about the critical needs of our region, and grow public and philanthropic investments to help meet those needs.


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